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Man dies in boat race crash

Written By kemala yuspita on Sabtu, 08 November 2014 | 21.31

A MAN is dead and another seriously injured after their boat crashed during trials for a water ski race on the Hawkesbury River.

THE accident comes a year after world champion water skier Sarah Teelow died in the opening moments of the 2013 Bridge to Bridge classic.

All events on the river have been stopped ahead of Sunday's race, in which the men were to have participated.Police say the pair were towing two skiers at Ebenezer, northwest of Sydney, when the driver lost control and the vessel flipped just before midday on Saturday.They were picked up by a rescue boat and taken ashore but the 44-year-old passenger could not be revived and died at the scene.The driver was flown to Westmead Hospital in a serious but stable condition.The two skiers swam to shore uninjured.Police divers are attempting to recover the boat.Twenty-year-old Teelow sustained serious spinal and head injuries and died in hospital days after the accident.Governing body Ski Racing Australia said it was saddened by the tragedy."Police and maritime authorities have taken charge of the incident and it is not appropriate that we make further direct comment until those authorities have informed relatives and given us permission to speak," Chairman Noel Griffin said in a statement."The incident occurred on a broad expanse of the Hawkesbury River while the boat was towing two skiers in qualifying."

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Fire causes $1m damage at SA school

A fire that gutted classrooms at a South Australian primary school has caused $1 million damage. Source: AAP

A FIRE at a South Australian primary school has caused $1 million damage, investigators say.

FOUR classrooms at Victor Harbour Primary School were destroyed in the blaze at 2am Saturday.

Firefighters stopped it from spreading to neighbouring buildings which had recently been renovated, Nicole Eely from the MFS said."Unfortunately the multiple classroom building was completely gutted by the fire, which took about an hour to extinguish," she said."The cause, due to the extent of the damage, is currently undetermined and investigators are expected to complete their investigations over coming days."

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SA shooting not random: police

A MAN has been shot in the leg at a house in Adelaide.

HE has been taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being treated at the scene by paramedics.

Police believe the incident, which happened shortly after 3.30pm on Saturday, was not random.They said there were a number of people at the Davoren Park house assisting detectives with their inquiries.

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Abbott-Putin showdown locked in for APEC

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott's promise to deliver Vladimir Putin a robust conversation will come to a head on Tuesday with the Kremlin confirming the two leaders will hold formal talks at the APEC summit in Beijing.

MR Abbott has been seeking a face-to-face meeting with the Russian president since Malaysia Airlines flight 17 was shot down over east Ukraine, killing all 298 people aboard, including 38 Australian citizens and residents.

In announcing the request had been granted, Mr Putin's top foreign policy adviser Yury Ushakov added the Tuesday meeting "will be short".Mr Abbott, who departs for the summit on Sunday morning, did not repeat his previous threat to "shirtfront" the Russian president when asked about their impending talk.But he said they'd have "a robust conversation" to ensure Mr Putin guarantees he's doing everything possible to assist investigations into the MH17 disaster."I will speak for our dead, I will speak for our nation, I will speak for decency and for humanity," Mr Abbott told reporters in Melbourne.Foreign Minister Julie Bishop hosed down concerns Mr Abbott's previous choice of language would derail discussions."Since the phrase shirtfront was used, I understand it has now entered the diplomatic lexicon of many countries," she said.Mr Abbott is also expected to meet with US President Barack Obama during the leaders forum on Monday, where regional heads aim to clinch a pan-Pacific trade deal.Australia is also confident about concluding a Free Trade Agreement with China, the negotiations of which have dragged on for about 10 years.Ms Bishop said she would be "delighted" to have the agreement finalised ahead of the G20 summit in Brisbane on November 15."But we're not pursuing an agreement for the sake of an agreement, it has to be in our national interest," she said.Ms Bishop met with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Beijing on Saturday to discuss both countries' commitment in the fight against Islamic State, as well as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.She also had her first meeting with new Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi - who was appointed to replace Marty Natalegawa by new president Joko Widodo.Ms Bishop said Ms Marsudi did not raise any concerns about Australia's immigration policies, but they did discuss the Bali Process more generally."We noted that the people smuggling trade had been significantly dismantled, and that both Australia and Indonesia had been beneficiaries of that," she said.The APEC summit marks the beginning of a whirlwind week of diplomacy for Mr Abbott, who will also visit Myanmar for Asian security talks before returning to Australia to host the G20.

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Vic election referendum on EW Link: PM

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the Victorian election will be a referendum on the East West Link. Source: AAP

THE prime minister has joined Premier Denis Napthine on the campaign trail in Victoria, declaring that the state election is a referendum on infrastructure.

DESCRIBING himself as "the infrastructure prime minister standing beside the infrastructure premier", Tony Abbott said only Dr Napthine's re-election would secure the East West Link road that Melbourne needs.

"It is a referendum on the East West Link," Mr Abbott said as he and Dr Napthine announced further upgrades to the Tullamarine Freeway."It is a referendum on the plan that this premier has and no-one else has, to build a modern 21st century city with 21st century infrastructure."Dr Napthine said there were a number of infrastructure projects that would be key to winning the election, but the vote would come down to who could be trusted to deliver."This election is about who you can trust to keep our finances safe, who you can trust to deliver key infrastructure that makes a real difference to the people of Victoria."The federal government will commit $200 million to the $250 million expansion of the Tullamarine Freeway project if the Napthine government is re-elected, Mr Abbott said.Opposition leader Daniel Andrews said Labor had been clear on their transport priorities.He said a Melbourne metro system, double the size of the city loop, was key to the city's future, along with getting rid of the 50 most dangerous and congested level crossings."They are our priorities, absolutely. And we will deliver on them in full."Mr Andrews visited St Kilda's Junction Oval to pledge a $25 million upgrade to cricket grandstands, change rooms and high-performance training areas."It's what's needed for the game, it's what's needed for all the jobs, the visitor economy, the tourism benefits that come from more international games being played here," Mr Andrews said.

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Qld man on attempted murder charge

A BRISBANE man is facing an attempted murder charge, accused of striking a woman over the head with a bat.

POLICE say the 52-year-old attacked the woman at an apartment in the northern suburb of Albany Creek in the early hours of Saturday.

The 48-year-old is being treated in hospital for serious head injuries.The man will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday.

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Jihadists shoot 30 Sunnis dead: official

Written By kemala yuspita on Rabu, 29 Oktober 2014 | 21.31

MILITANTS from the Islamic State group lined up 30 Sunni men in a town west of Baghdad and shot them dead, an Iraqi official says.

THE slayings took place on a main street in the town of Hit on Wednesday.

Anbar provincial council chairman, Sabah Karhout, says the Sunnis killed were tribal fighters allied with the government and members of the security forces captured when the IS group overran the town, about 140km west of the Iraqi capital.Hit fell to the Islamic State group in early October after fierce clashes with government forces backed by the Sunni fighters from the Albu Nimir tribe.The IS militants have seized large swathes of land in western and northern Iraq in the country's worst crisis since the 2011 US troop withdrawal.

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'Number spoofing' scam hits UK consumers

BRITISH consumers are increasingly being targeted by a "number spoofing" scam in which criminal gangs fool telephones into displaying the numbers of legitimate organisations.

THE con works by fraudsters cloning the telephone number of a trusted organisation such as a bank and then making that number appear on the victim's caller ID display, according to Financial Fraud Action UK, the name under which the financial services industry co-ordinates its fraud prevention efforts.

They do this using technology, often employed by call centres, which can copy any number even if the one they are calling from is entirely different.The criminal will gain the victim's trust by drawing their attention to the number, claiming it is proof of their identity, before trying to defraud them.Banks have reported an increase in the scam, which is a new variation on telephone frauds where criminals cold-call people and pose as bank staff, police officers or other trusted organisations to persuade their victim to part with financial and personal details.Often, criminals pretend they are phoning to tell the victim that a fraud has been detected on their bank account.Once they have their victim's confidence, they will try to elicit information such as the victim's PIN details, online passwords or other sensitive information which will then be used to steal from their bank account.Some criminals will also trick victims into sending money to other accounts or to hand over cash or cards to a courier for "safe-keeping", whereas in reality the courier is delivering the card straight to the fraudster.The anti-fraud body's intelligence unit, the Financial Fraud Bureau, has seen evidence that the scam has become increasingly common in recent weeks, with organised criminal gangs making use of it.It warns people never to assume that someone is who they say they are just because their number matches that of an organisation.If someone tries to draw a consumer's attention to the number on their caller ID display, the consumer should immediately treat this as a warning sign of a scam.A bank or the police would never call someone and ask for their four-digit PIN, full online banking passwords or ask them to transfer or withdraw money or to hand their card over to a courier.

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Fiat Chrysler returns to Q3 profit

FIAT Chrysler Automobiles returned to a profit in the third quarter thanks to a good performance by its luxury brands and gains in North America and Asia.

FIAT Chrysler Automobiles on Wednesday reported a net profit of 174 million euros ($A261 million) for the three months ending September 30. That compares with a loss of 15 million euros in the same period last year.

The carmaker completed a five-year merger process between Fiat, based in Turin, and Chrysler, based in Detroit, with a listing on the New York Stock Exchange earlier this month.Revenues rose 14 per cent to 23.5 billion euros. Luxury brand sales increased 35 per cent, North America saw a 20 per cent gain and Asia was up 30 per cent. Latin American revenues dropped 12 per cent in a weak market.

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Fiat Chrysler to spin off Ferrari

FIAT Chrysler Automobiles has announced plans to spin off sports car maker Ferrari into a separate company.

THE company said in a statement on Wednesday that spinning off Ferrari was part of a plan to raise capital to support the new merged carmakers' future growth.

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said it was "proper that we pursue separate paths for FCA and Ferrari" following the completion of the merger of Chrysler and Fiat with a listing on the New York Stock Exchange earlier this month.

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